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Welcome to Textool, The most comprehensive useful text tools:

  1. Character Counter: Get useful info about your text:
    • Number of characters: all characters with white space
    • Number of non-space characters: all characters that are the blank space char
    • Number of spaces
    • Number of Words
    • Number of of lines
    • Number of lines that are not empty
    Character Counter

  2. Occurrences Counter: Use this word counter to count the occurrence of every word in your text, find out how many times each word is repeated
    The smoothest word frequency counter you will ever use
    Includes the option to specify a file for long texts, since the html textarea has limitations, and will definitely freeze your browser for big texts
    Occurrences Counter

  3. Base64 tools: fast base64 encode decode

  4. URL Encode tools: fast URL encode and decode
    URL Encoder

  5. Strong Password Generator: Generate random unique and super strong passwords
    Password Generator

  6. Random Word Generator: Generate random english words fast
    Random Word Generator

  7. Sentence Generator: Generate random funny sentences that are grammatically correct
    Sentence Generator

  8. Unique and silly article Generator: Generate a random, funny, unique, grammatically correct article that makes no sense.
    Think of it as a replacement for your Lorem Ipsum paragraphs.
    Very useful in production presentations, where you need to present a prototype, on screen, while adding a little sense of humour to your audience.
    Unique Silly Article Generator


Download the Progressive Web App (PWA) for a better user experience.
It will create a shortcut on your desktop and will be available offline.
Just look for the + button in your address bar

Learn More

Our free tools count the number of characters or letters in a text, useful for your tweets on Twitter, as well as a multitude of other applications.
Whether it is Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Yelp or just a note to co-workers, or the number of actual characters always matters. What you say may not be as important as how you say it, and how many characters you use.
To start counting your letters, simply write or paste the text into the text area and the character counter will automatically update.

In addition to this, word counting is a tool used by many authors, for example in an article, an essay, a story, or even a script for a theatrical play, or apart in a movie. Just any type of written text
Also, Knowing the word frequency helps you write better text. For instance, a lot of people use the word “then”, and “for example” a lot. Repeating the same word in a text is a weakly classified writing. For this reason, use our tools to learn how many times you use any specific word. Occurrences counter is also useful to count duplicates in a text or list. Use our tools to quickly aggregate the values to find duplicate words, or to count the number of repeats
We value your privacy and security, these tools are executed inside your browser on your device only, without the need to send them to a server. In fact, they work offline after being loaded.

Why Use?

Why is it crucial to count your words when writing an article to be posted online?
Although it may seem to you a side issue, it is still of high importance.
Google favours posts and articles that have a certain number of words, with the targeted keyword distributed in it just enough for the article to be readable, and keyword dense enough so that Google knows what the article is about.
This is where textual word counter comes in. And using a free online is a great practice to achieve that perfect article or post.

Ranking Importance

When it Comes to Greater Rankings, Counting Words In Your text Is important

The size of your article or post matters. Don't be confused - it doesn’t meant that your article is better if it’s longer. The length of your document does not reflect the quality of the writing.
Generally, a great post or article should be between 400 to 600 words in length. Optimally, a 500 word article is best.
A document with this number of words will give you a good ground to be able to include around 5 targeted keywords in the article, and still have natural content for your readers. This is why it is very impotant to count the words in your document before posting it. But doesn't 'counting words' sound a bit of a long job?
Well, it would be, if you didn't have the free ! This is why having a free online word counter is very handy. All you have to do is copy and paste your document into the word counter tool, click a button, and voila! You instantly know how many words your text has, and add or remove depending on the numbers.

Use Free Online To Count Words In Your Articles

The more content that is written in a document, the more you have the chance to diversify your targeted keyword. If you only have one or two paragraphs, you're decreasing the range of keywords and variations of your keywords that you can possibly increase your ranking for.
Don't limit your document to just one keyword. Make it more efficient by using a variety of keywords that Google will recognise and rank your article for you. But, for that to happen, the document needs to be of a certain length

Word Frequency

In the old times of Windows 1.0 back in the 1980's there was a tool called Word Frequency that came with the MS Word distribution package. As someone who uses English as a second language I used it heavily, because it helped me to improve my vocabulary and to correct misspellings beyond the capacity of the available spelling checkers.
That MS Word add-on created a list of all the words in a document, ordered by frequency. It made it easy to detect overuse and/or abuse of a certain word or expression. The little used words were also of help, because sometimes I wrote Thomson instead of Thompson, car instead of cart, or similar errors that the spelling checker does not detect.
Checkout our comprehensive word occurrences tool: Word Frequency (Occurrences) Analyzer

Why Base64?

Because you can generally rely on the same 64 characters being present in many character sets, and you can be reasonably confident that your data's going to end up on the other side of the wire uncorrupted. Checkout our Base64 tool: Base64
Learn more about Base64 on Wikipedia: Base64