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Occurrences Counter

Count occurrences and count duplicates in list online for free without downloading anything
This is a Word counter that counts how many times each word is present in your text
When selecting the "line content occurrences" checkbox below, you'll be looking at counting the occurrence of each line, instead of each word, allowing you to eliminate duplicate lines in your text
Simply paste your text below, or select a text file
Pasting more than 32000 characters may slow down your browser because of the 32000 characters limitations of the HTML textfield.
This is why, it's preferrable to select a .txt file instead, for a silky buttery-smooth counting experience:
Open notepad or your favorite text editor, paste your text, save it to a file, then select the file below, The results are instantly shown.
This works for any document that is pure text: a TXT, JSON, XML, HTML, JS not a word or excel document.

Or select a textfile (if your text is too long), the results will be automatically computed

    Can this word counter help me in my artificial intelligence dataset?

    YES! Make sure you have the "Line content occurrences" option checked
    Considering you have a dataset written in txt, or any language, you don't want duplicates because having duplicate content will prevent your neural network from learning properly resulting in underfitting or overfitting.
    The data you want to supply for training must be unique
    Suppose you're teaching a neural network how to calculate sums without using a calculator
    So your dataset should look like this:
    ...etc, until you reach millions of different unique training examples
    After specifying the file, or pasting your training data in the text area, just click on Count Occurrences
    If you feed it the same info more than once, it's going to remember the output for this combination instead of generalizing for any combination of inputs, thus not learning anything.
    That's why you should make sure you remove duplicates from any data you have.

    Best Word Frequency Counter Online

    Why is this the best online word counter and word frequency counter?
    HTML textareas lag and slow down your browser when you paste a very large text (more than 32000 characters). For this reason, we added a file selection for your convenience. All you have to do, is open Notepad, paste your content there, save the file, then select the file here. The results will automatically display.
    Please note that this word counter doesn’t work on word or excel documents, because they're not pure text.
    When to use a word counter tool?

    • Perform basic plagiarism check, to check for duplicates in your text
    • Count the word repetitions for statistic purposes
    • Check for duplicates in your dataset
    • Check for duplicates in your json, xml, txt
    • Verify and manually confirm data integrity
    • Check the cultural level of the writer: If the same word is repeated multiple times, he probably has a low cultural level
    • Enrich your vocabulary, and avoid abuse of same expressions