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Funny/Silly Article Generator

Generate random articles with silly sentences. Perfect replacement for your Lorem Ipsum texts. Ideal if you want to showcase a prototype without repeating yourself again.
The generated texts are so silly and funny too, they are grammatically correct, but they don't make much sense. Free to use in your writings, jokes, stories, articles, texts, projects, and presentations
Select number of sentenses and click on `Generate`
Every time you click on `Generate` a random article is generated, with the number of sentences you select.

10 sentences

"The zippy doctor defiantly flew because some professor anxiously breathed excluding a lovely author which, became a slimy, elegant fisherman. The idiotic professor wildly died because some policeman kindly slapped over a lovely painter which, became a vibrating, rough spider. The lazy dog gleefully hit because some surgeon powerfully killed into a fancy bus driver which, became a tripping, tripping scientist. The greedy farmer vivaciously killed because some duck inquisitively kicked upon a idiotic lion which, became a territorial, greedy hairdresser. The rough girl deftly slapped because some surgeon wildly ran considering a lazy cat which, became a vibrating, dumb teacher. The hot professor obediently dodged because some professor sharply drove concerning a zippy journalist which, became a rough, territorial spider. The hot chef kindly breathed because some farmer passionately ran across a dazzling photographer which, became a frisky, useless surgeon. The hot dentist obnoxiously rolled because some author coyly designed behind a lovely lecturer which, became a elegant, naked professor. The maniacal bus driver enormously breathed because some scorpion enormously hit excluding a tripping architect which, became a lazy, tripping fireman. The territorial old lady faithfully sliced because some hairdresser brightly dodged despite a professional chef which, became a beautiful, territorial lion. "

Why use this tool?

Aren't you tired of writing the same repetitive Lorem Ipsum paragraphs that every body uses ?
Make your random texts stand out from your competitors by using this unique silly article generator.
You can also use it to generate a random unique funny story, we guarantee that the generated article to be unique.
We use a wide combination of words, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, professions, actions, animals to constitute a correct sentence, even if it doesn't make any sense

Our silly article generator provides you with instant random text that may be seen as funny, and a complete replacement for Lorem Ipsum.

Completely random

The articles generated in this silly article generator are completely random.
It doesn't have any subject or context whatsoever
They are silly, with a little touch of humour.
Don't use them in your writings for school and college
They should only be used to replace your Lorem Ipsum texts.

  • Free to use -- No royalty whatsoever
  • Great if you're looking for silly unique paragraphs
  • Excellent placeholder text generating a unique silly article if you're looking for alternatives to Lorem Ipsum

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