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Sentence Generator

Generate random silly funny grammatically correct sentences that make no sense
Free to use in your writings, jokes, stories, articles, texts
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In terms of jokes, keep them short. Here are some tips:

Write better Jokes
Not everyone knows how to write funny stories
You have to pick your moments, and subjects

  • Try to replicate a joke you heard before, but in your own words.
  • Watch repetitions of tv shows and series. The third time you do something, it has the opposite meaning:
    If a character cries or screams once or twice you may fear or feel bad for them.
    After three times, it's no longer sad, but to the contrary, it becomes funny. Comedy experts give this example from the classic film comedy Airplane: Whenever Robert Hays’ character talks about his broken heart, the person in the seat next to him kills themselves. A woman hangs herself, a Japanese soldier commits seppuku. The third time, the Hindu man doses himself with gasoline, then lights a match … but Robert Hays is called away, interrupting the story. Relieved, the Hindu man blows out his match. Beat. Then he explodes.
  • Surprise factor plays an Important role in laughing. So remember that the more Surprise, the more fun.
  • Do not repeat the same joke for the same people, or should you ?
  • If you were to do so, always change the story, add some salt and sugar to it, make it personal if possible, and add more Surprise.
  • Check other comdians' jokes, go visit a comedy club
  • Try out your jokes before your girlfriend, parents, or friends, to see when and where each one laughs. This will help you in better story telling.
  • Publish your work online, see how the crowd reacts and make sure you know your audience: do not send fart or sex jokes to an editor at The NewYorkTimes
  • Don't be creepy
  • Never tell your audience that something is funny, or explain why they should laugh
  • Try and depreciate yourself humorically, while trying to address a serious community problem
  • Tell the truth about dark emotions nobody admits, like feelings of failure, jealousy, and loneliness and stories of bad breakups
  • Try a funny unusual word you never heard before: A good start is the thesaurus. Remember that Episode of `Friends` where Joey used the thesaurus on every word, for chandler and monica's child adoption recommendation ?
  • Try Visual humour, think of your material as something your audience has seen many times.
    Start your stories by something like `Did you ever notice?`, and `You remember that time when... ?`
  • Specifics make everything funnier: `I have had sex in years !`, `I love Chocolate`
  • Exaggerate: `I fell on the floor, then I went to a hospital and paid a million dollars`
    Or maybe talk about how difficult your childhood was: `I was the weirdest one in school, I couldn't get a girl with traditional ways`
  • Use funny, silly metaphores
  • Topical Humor: chose a specific topic and joke about it.

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