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Better English writing should not be complicated.
Do not use difficult or big words for better English writing.
In fact, the #1 rule is to keep your writing short and simple.
The ideal English text is easy to read and understand.
Use this random word generator tool to generate useful words, and improve your writing.

In terms of paragraphs, keep them short. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on one idea and summarize it in the beginning.
  • Ensure that all sentences that follow support the main point.
  • Use the last sentence as a key clarification that prepares the readers to the next paragraph.
  • Your better English writing text should be well structured. Usually, texts are structured as follows:
  • Title or heading
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Make your texts interesting. One way of doing this is to vary the lengths of your phrases. In addition to sentences, do also vary the lengths of your paragraphs. There are a number of ways to structure your text. Some of these are:
General to Specific: Start with a general or broad statement followed by details and examples.
Specific to General: Give details and examples followed by a general or broad statement.
Known to Unknown: Provide new information based on what readers already know.
Least Important to Most Important: Capture and keep your readers' attention.
Chronology: List or order events and items based on time.
In following what is recommended for better English writing, bear in mind what would most effectively convey your message. This would depend on who your readers are, what you are writing about, the medium used and a whole lot of other factors. Additionally, grammar, spelling, punctuation and flow are some of the elements that are crucial for better English writing. Your challenge would be how best to ensure that your writing complies, conforms and meets all that is required for better English writing.
One way of producing better English writing is to proofread and check your written work. However, to read and proofread, you must have the required knowledge in addition to time. Most people do not even have the time to review what they have written. Getting others to do the proofreading and checking for you has many limitations. Is there a better alternative? Yes, there is and it has proven to be the choice of even those who are regarded as fluent in better English writing.

While this may not include all words in the dictionary, it includes the most common used words. A random word generator can be used to cheat in games like Name Something and Pictionary.
Improving vocabulary for children can also be accomplished since our words are fairly easy to speak and write.

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