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base64 Encode/Decode

Paste your text to the left and click on `Encode` to get the base64 Encoded string to the right
Paste your base64 Encoded string to the left and click on `Decode` to get the original text
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Base64 Uses

  • Obfuscate Email Passwords
  • Transmit text safely without the danger of a delimiter collision
  • Base64 encoding is often used to obscure secrets easily without the need of a cryptographic key
  • Evasion of basic anti spamming tools, which often do not decode Base64 and therefore cannot detect keywords in encoded messages.
  • Base64 encoding is useful to embed an entire binary data inside a string, be it an image, a video, or any file, eliminating the need to save the file to the disk first. Meaning you can transmit your images as base64 strings in your webpages, and use them directly in your page using the CSS `background-image` property, or the img src attribute, eliminating the need of serving the image using a separate network request.
  • In Web development, you should not use Base64 to encode a large image (although you can), because it will slow down your entire page. Use the technique described above for very small images.

Wordpress Example

How To Identify Potential WordPress Hacks

WordPress will fall victim to hackers once not maintained, or once poorly developed or superannuated plugins area unit used even if it's usually thought of to be a secure and stable platform
A common ways for hackers to cover the malicious PHP code in WordPress is to base64 cipher the hacked code, so use base64 decipherment and eval() to execute the code at runtime.
Fortunately base64 code is straightforward to identify in PHP code, and {appears} like the following: Since base64 coding appears as an extended string of random alphameric characters, it stands out inside the PHP code. Typically, this coding is employed by a hacker to imbed PHP code inside WordPress to output links, airt users to specific sites, and is worse cases, enable unauthorized access to the WordPress system and information.
While employing a plugin to observe base64 injections in your code will be more practical at securing a WordPress web site than hoping on manual review, it's critically vital to use AN updated plugin.
Understanding however your WordPress web site is intended and organized can assist you to additional pronto establish things within which the positioning isn't functioning unremarkably. it'll additionally become easier for you to identify changes in code structure which will indicate that malicious code has been injected in to the WordPress theme.
Whenever you notice base64 encoded strings in your web site, decipher it victimization our tool to observe what it will.