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Textool - How to count characters and words

Count the numbers of characters inside your text, analyze word frequency and dominance

How to use an online character counter and word counter tool

counting characters and words in text

Textool is very easy to use. Just start typing your text in the input above, it will automatically show you the number of lines, the number of lines that aren't empty, the number of characters, the number of characters that are not the space character.

Sample number of characters you should be familiar with:

  • Twitter - Up to 280 characters (Previously, it was 140 characters).
  • Facebook - A maximum of 63,206 characters for posts, which is a lot, and a maximum of 8,000 characters for comments which is also a lot.
  • Instagram - Limited to 30 hashtags and 2,200 characters when writing a caption. Note that only the 125 characters will be displayed, and the rest will be truncated.
  • LinkedIn - Headline text has a limit of 120 characters, your summary section has a limit of 2,000 characters, position title has a limit of 100 characters and your description box, a limit of 1,000 characters.

Why would you use a character counter or a word counter

Why use a character counter and word counter

Stop wasting time on counting characters one by one

The main advantages of using the online character counter is that you don't have to download anything, and the desired results are instantly shown without having to wait or click anything

Stop worrying if your text is big enough or too short to submit for approval, use our tools to count your characters immediately

In addition, you can improve your user engagement with the your social posts.

A facebook update that contains 40 characters or less is 86% more likely to get engagement - source

While a post with 80 characters or less receives 88% more engagement - source

The idea is to keep your content as short and useful as possible

In marketing, advertising, and social media

  • The most optimal length for your Facebook ad headline should be 5 words. Learn more
  • When your headline is too long, Facebook shows ellipses
  • The optimal length of a facebook ad body is 14 words.
  • The best length of a Facebook ads link descriiption is 18 words
  • The idea length of Instagram captions is between 140 to 150 characters if you want to maximize the likes and comments on your Instagramposts
  • Ideal length of a Instagram Ads Caption is 125 in order to show beautiful on all screen sizes
  • The optimal number of characters inside a Instagram Hashtag is 25 or less
  • The ideal tweet length is between 70 to 100 characters. Getting your tweets to less than 100 characters is tough, but lets you stay clear.
  • the ideal number of characters for a LinkedIn Status is between 50 to 100 characters