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Importance of a word frequency counter

Use Textool to find how many times each word is present or repeated in your text, to improve your writing quality, show word dominance in a custom word counter that is extremely easy to use online without downloading anything

What is frequency counter tool used for?

What is word frequency counter tool used for?

Textool provides a easy to use occurrences counter that works instantly as soon as you paste your text and click on "Count Occurrences".

It goes through each line in your text, and counts how many times each word was present, instantly.

It's a great word frequency counter tool that you can use online, instantly, without downloading anything.

It's also a word counter that helps you find and eliminate duplicates.

Improve your writing skills by reducing the number of duplicate words present in your text.

Count word repetitions

Eliminate redundant words

Get Word dominance and word frequency

Ease of use

Online, no need to download anything

Why and how to use textool duplicate word counter tools ?

The occurrences counter / duplicate word counter used on our website is extremely optimized and efficient.

It provides an interface where you can paste your text and results appear instantly.

Textool also provides a text file processing system.

Use it when you have a very large text ( > 5 mb)

The reason you should use this, is that when you paste your large text inside a textfield, the browser freezes momentarily

This is why you whould use Textool's counter.

Specifying a file to process is much smoother and faster than pasting your text inside the field

If you have a small text ( less than 5 MB ), you may paste it inside the field and click on "Count occurrences"

If you have a large text ( more than 5 MB ), put it inside a text (.txt) file, and select the file in the field near the text input

Then click on " Count Occurrences "

The results will display instantly underneath the text input

The reason why we recommend that you put your large text inside a text file and use the latter procedure, is that the input text field may freeze your browser. That's why it is recommended, to ensure a fast and smooth user experience

Why and how to use duplicate word counter online tool